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About Me
I am a 48-year-old newlywed guy who *was* totally addicted to the net, especially chatting!
But then along came Linda Lee Komes Turner, my wife and the love of my life. We were married on Saturday, August 9, 1997.
Click here to see pictures of our wedding and more pictures of Linda. 
By day, I play with computers for a car dealership (I love computers ... am not exactly crazy about the car business). By night and on weekends I used to become SuperSurfer! Now, although I still spend online time, it's usually spent with the beautiful lady above. (Unfortunately, although we're married, there's a very temporary problem of being separated by a distance of some 700 to 900 miles (depending upon whether you're traveling by air or by highway). I live in small town North Carolina and Linda lives in a suburb of Chicago, Illinois.


Our separation is a short-term, temporary thing, though, and we will soon be happily together permanently.

My hobbies used to be photography, tennis and running my own computer BBS. Those kinda fell by the wayside with the advent of the Internet!

When I'm online and not in private chat with Linda, I can be found in Pow-Wow, on FreeTel or in IRC. (Pow-Wow is a GREAT interactive chat program. I've included its home page in my links below.)

Links to Cool Places
This is the home page for the Pow-Wow chat software.  

Download the software here and locate other Pow-Wow'ers with whom to chat.


Jennifer is one amazing lady.  She and her web site have been featured on the Today show, but her biggest claim to fame is that she has visited this page, and I have visited hers.  :-)
Carolyn's Home Page has bitten the dust 
Carolyn first turned me on to Pow-Wow, and I'm forever in her debt because of that.  

She had an interesting home page, and you wouldn't have believed some of the nice pictures of herself she had available for download! 

In tribute to her, I have 
constructed my very own
Shrine to Carolyn 
(click here to access it!).

You can visit it to see (and download, if you wish) some her best pictures, including the one at the left, but as a full sized version.

Home Page 
"Gentlemen, start your engines!"
The Ultimate 
IRC Home page
All sorts of great IRC
resources and utilities
Find a 
Find any person's 
listed telephone number.
MapQuest Interactive 
This is a neat site!

My 15-Second Brushes with Fame

Although I'm now in the car business, I used to be in the newspaper business as editor of a small-town weekly. (I'm talking years ago, folks, as the pictures you'll see if you click on the 'incredibly bored' link will indicate.)

As a result of that newspaper job, I got to meet a few people I never otherwise would have met, including three future Presidents of the United States (Ford, Carter and Reagan). I've only got a picture of myself with President Ford. I had a picture taken of myself with Jimmy Carter but was developing it myself and a lady at the newspaper office walked into the darkroom as I was loading the film onto a developing tank reel and ruined the entire roll. Sheesh! And I had the opportunity, but no desire, to be photographed with Ronald Reagan.

There were a few celebrities from the entertainment and sporting worlds with whom I got my picture taken, as well. If you're incredibly bored, you can click here to take a look at me with some famous folks.

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This page was created on July 21, 1996, and is constantly under construction!
(Last Revised March 28, 1998)
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