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My Marriage To
Linda Lee Komes Turner 
(The loveliest lady on earth!)
Our wedding originally was scheduled for for Oct. 4, 1997 in Rolling Meadows, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. 

We changed that, though, and got married on Aug. 9, 1997.

She's going to KILL me for posting those pictures, but I am very happy about our relationship and so proud that out of all the men in the world, she has chosen me, I had to share the news with you.)

And -- guess what? -- we met on the Internet! Yes, it does happen in real life!

Linda thinks we made a kind of cute couple. I think she was at least half right. :-)
We were married at the Marriage Chapel in Dillon, SC. Although it sounds kind of tacky and cheesy, in actuality it was quite a nice place and a very nice ceremony. Unfortunately, a few days after our wedding, the facility burned. I had been such a confirmed bachelor that a cousin of mine insists the fire was caused by spontaneous combustion as a direct result of my having gotten married there!
Our honeymoon was too brief. But during its course, Linda did 2 things she'd never before done: see the Atlantic Ocean and attend a tobacco auction.

Although our honeymoon was cut short, I must not have bungled things too badly. Three days after Linda returned to Chicago, she had this teddy bear delivered to me at work. You can rest assured the wags at the office had a field day ragging me about it! 

But that's okay, because the teddy bear gave me warm fuzzies like you wouldn't believe!

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